Scope of the project

1. Introduction

1.1. Initial data

Nowadays words like “blockchain” and “crypto” are associated with the future as they influence almost every segment in the world. Most financial operations use blockchain technology as it recommended itself as a secure and fast way for economy operations. Same thing happens with trading markets. Since cryptocurrency was created many trading opportunities have opened and BigTaurus is the platform that wants to use these opportunities. 

Unfortunately, only less than 5% of people on the planet actively use cryptocurrency. Most people are not even unfamiliar with it. BigTaurus’ idea is to increase the number of knowledgeable cryptocurrency users and help them to get rid of these barriers by developing  investment fund tokenized, designed to raise money from a public of savers for the purpose of investing capital onmarket with the primary criterion of investment diversification, thus reducing the risk with respect to a direct investment in a single cryptocurrency and thus maximizing the risk-return combination.

Big Taurus wants to be eyewear for those who cannot see, as what appears clear to many people in the crypto world is out of focus for most people in the world.

1.2. Business opportunities

Together, these implementations form the BigTaurus Utility Token, a regulated token that also allows holders to benefit from the best optimization of the risk-performance while also benefiting from access to the cryptocurrency market with performance. 

BigTaurus is going to occupy the market crypto-trading staking. Token holders (authorized users of the platform) will have an easy way to receive earnings from staking. All they have to do is to buy some utility tokens of the platform and choose the amount of tokens and  the program period for staking. All the jobs are done by the BigTaurus traders team. Trading on different crypto market places, BigTaurus will receive profit from it using funds from token holders. 

There are going to be different promotions in which holders can participate to have the opportunity to receive additional tokens. Affiliate program will bring a new flow of revenue to the user, as he can receive percent from every purchase that the invited user makes.

1.3. Business objectives

BO-1 To reach over 100,000 token holders till 2023 year with the strategy of gradual release of the tokens and attracting holders with rewards and reliable staking.

The main actions that will allow us to reach the goal and make the token as stable as possible are:

BO-2  Staking campaigns will be launched between October 2021 and June 2022 to reward the Holders of the token. 

BO-3  To increase its visibility by December 2021, the token will be listed on various Cex and Dex exchanges. 

BO-4 The presence of experts who help users and the purchases of tokens by Companies, Entrepreneurs and Investors. Basic KPI are:

  1. Being able to open a wallet Cex or Dex or both.
  2. Verify your account with documents
  3. Buy a coin and sell a coin
  4. Send a coin to another address
  5. Create limit orders
  6. Analysis of a token to understand its main characteristics

BO-5 To reach the token value to $ 0.50 by 2025 is the result we are aiming for. 

1.4. Vision

The BigTaurus platform is a token cryptographic which is issued by, Company built on the Binance Smart Chain network according to the BEP-20 standard for tokens. 

BigTaurus provides an easy presentation of crypto-trading, token exchange and connection of the client and trader. The main purpose is to make staking in crypto easy for clients (token holders). That should encourage people to dive into the crypto world and tokenize their funds for staking. Each token holder will have a wallet where he can store tokens, exchange them and use them for staking. Additionally token holders will pay commission for future development of the platform, liquidity pool and charity. Each existing token holder should receive his part from every new purchase of tokens that equally divides with all token holders from the percent of commission. 

BigTaurus also will have a support team that should control the proper work of the platform and administration that is going to control the token so it could be at a stable position for token holders and BigTaurus employees itself. The backend management of the BigTaurus utility token is entrusted in part to Smart Contracts (SC).

The architecture of smart contract are create for be flexible:

A) Storage
B) Master Contract
C) Sub Contract

This architecture is builded to have the possibility to make the change necessary to the growth.

The Storage: Separated smart contract for sharing information between master and sub contract. Gives us an opportunity when we need to deploy a new subcontract so we do not lose all previous balances. 

Master Contract: Main contract which users add everyware to their wallets.

Sub Contract: is built to be changed in the near future. Service smart contract for logic of operations like transfer, mint, burn, approve, transferFrom, permit and send. Possible to build and replace sub contract in master contract to change logic of implementation of these methods.

The functions in the smart contract are:

Mint: for the supply.

Burn: to increase the value of the token.

Transfer: Gas Fees

Sent: no commissions for use in the backoffice.

All other functions we will have in the back office for the Bounty and other promotions or rewards.

As a regulated broadcaster, BigTaurus needs technical planning and an implementation that give the possibility to update the utility token in order to:

1) Extend the system with new features;

2) Resolve any vulnerabilities;

3) Improve the system and optimize its operational efficiency.

4) Extend payment possibilities for different services

1.5. Creation, redemption, transfer and exchange

A simple and elegant token creation and redemption mechanism is key to promoting usability and encourage adoption.

Utility tokens are created by the Admin of BigTaurus platform in a limited amount. Clients can buy, sell and exchange the utility token for the respective equivalent in cryptocurrency BUSD or USDT by placing a returning request on the BigTaurus platform. The Utility token can be transferred to the Binance Smart Chain network and traded on centralized exchange platforms and DEX. 

Token amount managed within release limit. In this way Admin controls the staible price for the token. There are planned three token launches to build a respectful position for BGT Club token in the World of Crypto. Users can purchase tokens until it does not exceed the released amount.

Firstly, exchanger will work for BUSD and USDT currencies, but with the project development this choice will grow. To keep tokens users will have the opportunity to have their personal credit card for token use. With the help of it, token holders can purchase goods, services and even withdraw funds from ATM machines.

After launching the BigTaurus Club utility token it is planned to develop another 2 tokens for future functionality that will be built on the platform. That is why BGT Club is the fundamental token that will suit community needs, like easy to exchange and widespread to use.

More detailed description about token usage described in chapters 2.6 and 2.7 of current Whitepaper.

1.6. Commission

As commonly envisaged in investment funds, BigTaurus also charges commissions on certain operations. Right away:

– Subscription and redemption fees, applied when the user buys and sells the utility token on the BigTaurus platform. *

  • Gas Fees

* costs imposed by the Binance network, BigTaurus will not charge additional costs to the investor

** Liquidity pools are pools of tokens locked in smart contracts that provide liquidity in decentralized exchanges in an attempt to attenuate the problems caused by the illiquidity typical of such systems.

1.7. Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain operating in parallel with Binance Chain.

In essence, both blockchains operate side by side. BSC is not a layer scaling solution two or off-chain, but an independent blockchain that can also work in the event that Binance Chain went offline. That said, both systems bear a strong design similarity.

Unlike the latter, Binance Smart Chain offers smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Since BSC is compatible with EVM, for users, it means that essential applications such as MetaMask can be easily configured to work with BSC.

Binance Smart Chain uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm implemented on a Proof model of Staked Authority (or PoSA), where BNB token holders staking BNB becoming validators,remunerated by transaction fees.

Thanks to the flexibility offered by Binance Smart Chain, BSC native or non-native assets can be employed in the decentralized finance sector. This, in relation to the BigTaurus utility token, allows to obtain extra returns for investors and BigTaurus to obtain returns on tokens are served.

BEP 20 Standard:

BEP-20 is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that provides the functionality:

– Interoperability: Use compatible tokens on different blockchains.

– Tokenization: Making tokens of other blockchains available on BSC by converting them (Peg).

– Standardization: Exchange BEP-2 tokens for BEP-20 equivalents.

– Efficiency: network fees as low as $ 0.05 and a block time of just 3 seconds.

Smart contracts and other features within Ethereum are then obligated to conform to one of the approved standards. ERC20 contains several functions that a compliant token must be able to implement.

ERC 20 Standard:

  • TotalSupply: provides information about the total token supply
  • BalanceOf: provides account balance of the owner’s account
  • Transfer: executes transfers of a specified number of tokens to a specified address
  • TransferFrom: executes transfers of a specified number of tokens from a specified address
  • Approve: allow a spender to withdraw a set number of tokens from a specified account
  • Allowance: returns a set number of tokens from a spender to the owner

Additionally, these functions will also trigger up to two events, including the transfer event (that takes place whenever tokens are transferred) and the approval/validation event, which is activated whenever approval is required.

Utility token specifications require a network that allows for decentralized application development (including smart contracts) that can be used to store and transfer tokens based on certain conditions. The Binance Smart Chain Network meets these criteria and has a technical standard for tokens, the “BEP20” and “ERC20” standards, which has seen widespread adoption. Consequently, BigTaurus’s utility token can be transferred to the Binance Smart Chain network and stored in any Binance Smart address Chain.

1.8. Security

The BigTaurus utility token system implements the following security features:

1) Generation of keys: the keys are generated through specific security procedures, archived and managed by integrated hardware safety modules.

2) Hardware storage: physical storage that is connected to the holder`s wallet and.

3) Log out of the system: automatic log out of the system secures account from fraud operations if the user forgot to log out himself. 

Binance chain wallet security

Wallets are a bit of a shift in thinking. Financial freedom and the ability to access and use funds anywhere comes with a bit of responsibility – there’s no customer support in crypto. 

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is relatively new, so not all wallets currently support BEP-20 tokens. When you find a BSC supporting wallet, there are a few types and options to choose from. The few wallets below all differ slightly, so your best bet is to try them and see what you prefer.

Most BSC wallets will be non-custodial, meaning you have control of your private key. BSC wallets are also typically hot wallets that allow you to quickly connect to DApps or start staking. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. 

List of types of wallets:

1. Custodial – The wallet provider holds your private key. This is the case with your digital assets in an exchange’s wallet. Without owning your private key, you aren’t entirely in control of your wallet. Likely, you won’t be able to connect to DApps either. For example, if you only want to spot trade BSC tokens and other cryptoassets, a custodial wallet is a reasonable choice. But be careful. While this is safe to do on Binance, you should not trust your funds to any custodial wallet or exchange. 

2. Non-custodial – You own your private keys. It’s the safest option for most traders and investors, as long as they take good care of their keys and seed phrases. The wallets we’ll cover later are all non-custodial options that allow you to interact with DApps. 

3. Hot wallets – These crypto wallets are connected to the internet and are typically non-custodial (unless you’re using a centralized exchange). Hot wallets are convenient for making transactions but come with some security risks. Your private key is held online with your public key and is usually accessible with a user-set password. Like any password-protected service, you could be hacked or phished. To mitigate the risks, you should also use two-factor authentication (2FA) methods. 

4. Cold wallet – You store your private key offline on specialized hardware. This option is the most secure way to hold your BSC tokens, but it’s often the most impractical method for making transactions and interacting with DApps. You can easily use a combination of the above to combine their strengths. However, for day-to-day transactions and DeFi applications, a non-custodial hot wallet is a robust and flexible option. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.

We advise you to use one from two wallets Metamask and Binance Chain Wallet.

MetaMask is a browser extension and mobile app crypto wallet supporting BSC and other blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Chain. MetaMask only offered their extension, which is why it’s still their most popular product. The MetaMask browser extension allows you to make transactions and interact with smart contracts and DApps.

MetaMask also lets you connect to PancakeSwap. It also allows you to sign transactions, manage your public and private keys, and you can manage your pancake swaps inside of metamask extension.

Binance Chain Wallet is an official browser extension wallet from Binance. Currently, the wallet supports Binance Chain, BSC, and Ethereum. Compared to the other wallets covered, Binance Chain Wallet is one of the most basic.

By connecting your Binance account with Binance Chain Wallet, you can transfer crypto-assets like Binance Coin (BNB) or CLUB between the two without manually inputting addresses. 

1.9. Main principles

  • 24/7 customer support

Customer support team is ready at your service around the clock, by email at or in chat Telegram Official Groups: (World) (ITA)

  • Highly accessible

Built on Binance Smart Chain blockchain, CLUB can easily be traded or moved anywhere in the world 24/7.

  • Micro investment

We believe everyone can contribute to the value creation. You can invest at any start point you like.

  • Transparency

You can see the growth of your funds or request a return whenever you want after your standard licence finishes.

  • Simplicity

Removing barriers and making cryptocurrency trading and investing more accessible to the everyday user is one of main BigTaurus` principles. All efforts go to make understandable functionality and design so users could intuitively understand what to do.

1.10. BigTaurus Competitors

BigTaurus Most competitors
Minimum investmentLowMedium/high
Secondary marketYesVariable
Custody FeeLowHigh
DeFi applicationYesNo

2. Scope and frames of the project

2.1. Business requirements

BR-1 To buy and sell BGT CLUB tokens, users should:

  • use the Exchanges on which BGT Club is listed; 
  • register on the site and receive a Business wallet

BR-2 Users that has account on the site has access to such benefits like:

1) Stacking commissions

2) Community Affiliation System

3) Services and goods with discounts

BR-3 Every time user buys or transfer tokens he pay Gas Fees commissions

BR-4 Admin have the ability to control the general amount of tokens. He can add and burn token amounts.

BR-5 User can use tokens for staking. For that matter, he chooses between 3 different staking plans.

BR-6 User can use tokens for sale/buy operations (in other words trading operations) on trading platforms as they are based on Binance Smart Chain. 

BR-7 When a user purchases the BigTaurus token operation goes directly through a BigTaurus account, so the user could receive tokens without involving complex operations of buying other crypto tokens at first (Picture 2.1.1. Diagram). 

Picture 2.1.1. Diagram of how user purchases BigTaurus Club using BigTaurus direct account via exchangers

BR-8 When staking program over User can request returning of his tokens from staking anytime. BigTaurus pays the return as promised.

BR-9 User confirms the operation of receiving rewards. Type of rewards that need to be confirmed:

  • Tokens received from a shared split after each purchase users make;
  • Tokens received by affiliate program;
  • Tokens received from promo campaigns;

BR-10 User can use tokens for trading himself on the platform. 

BR-11 Admin roles have different permissions to control different parts of the platform. For example, Admin who works as moderator of platform articles and views do not have permissions to manage tokens.

BR-12 User can track his balance of tokens and transaction history of his main operations: purchase, sell, transfer, staking, reward, returning.

BR-13 Home page, News feed, About and Contact us pages are available to view by unregistered users.

BR-14 User can request returning for his staking plan only after it is finished. For example, if a user has a staking plan for 3 month, he can request a return only after 3 month since he put money on it.

BR-15 User can copy the strategy of BigTaurus traders for trading operations.

2.2. Feature epics

FE-1 BigTaurus Club Token

  • Testing token
  • Token creation and implementation
  • Sell/Buy/Transfer operations implemented
  • Burning of token
  • Transaction history

FE-2 Token use

  • Staking – staking plans, conditions for returnings
  • Trading – creation of offer, table of trades, price chart
  • Copy trading strategies
  • Partnership (option to purchase goods/services with BigTaurus token)
  • Alternative way for issuing funds with BigTaurus token
  • Academy

FE-3 Promotions

  • Affiliate program
  • Promo campaign
  • Social Sharing links

FE-4 Personal account

  • Sign in/ Sign up/ Log out
  • Password recovery
  • Profile
  • Settings
  • Notifications 

FE-5 Content

  • Lending page (Home)
  • Contact information page
  • About project, team page
  • News feed
  • Notifications – Admin
  • Admin management

2.3. Road map

Primary Road map of BigTaurus development phases.

August 2021

  • Pre Launch Founders

Pre-launch has been reserved for Selected HOLDERS Founders, an availability of 5.5 billion that will be held by the holders between 12 and 24 months.
1 Billion released for token holders, 3.5 billions – for creators and technicals and marketing support (release token for Developers and Team Members 500 Millions); another 1 billion will be released in Second and Third Launch.

  • First version of Backoffice with basic functions: user authorization; token purchase
  • System of Buying CLUB with  BUSD (bep20) and USDT (Erc20)

September 2021

  • Second Launch for selected  HOLDERS Founders – only 500 millions released
  • Third Launch for selected HOLDERS Founders – only 500 millions released
  • Release official channel for support to community of users, holders and traders
  • Launch on Exchange

  • Academy

Open Academy for those who want to learn how to trade and understand the crypto world more deeply. This will be available for those users who purchased the membership with a token.

October 2021

  • Official Backoffice
    1. Registrations
    2. Buy Token
    3. Affiliations System
    4. Gateway for buy a Token
    5. Swap functions for exchange token with Fiat through gateway payment by credit card or other token
    6. Claim Token Holders

Picture 2.3.1. Sequence diagram of how token split work while user purchase BGT CLUB tokens

  • Development of agreements

Agreements with other companies for the use of the BGT CLUB token for the purchase of goods and services with reserved discounts

  • Panel for physical and digital stores, connected to holder`s wallet and holder can use it for purchases.
  • Upgrade Backoffice for staking 

The complete Backoffice will be configured and released to manage our cryptocurrencies more easily and be able to manage staking independently.

The BGT Points project was born from the need for personalized assistance and training to open binance and other accounts such as Metamask, trustwallet and pancake to carry out trade, purchase and holder operations of the Crypto reported in the Academy.

Offices or spaces open to the public will be opened in various areas between Estonia, France, Italy, Dubai and the UK as a test area and then other countries

December 2021

  • Launch on other exchanges

For a greater development of the BGT CLUB will be done the listing on different Exchanges

  1. Exchange P2P Avaible with 2 pairs (CLUB/BUSD and CLUB/BTC) clik here to register
  • Wallet Dex
    BigTaurus creates the wallet on Android and IOS
  • Wallet DEX
    Desktop version of the wallet is created 

June 2022

  • Realization Exchange 

This realization serves to give a reference exchange to our affiliates where they will be able to find the functions of the wallet created and be able to exchange directly with other coins and we will start listing coins with partner companies who want to launch their token through our community.

August 2022

  • Credit Card for all affiliate

The Personal credit card is connected to your wallet so you can do all the operations with your tokens like: purchase goods with it, swap to any currency you need, withdraw from ATM money by instant swap of BGT Club token.

2.4. Token metrics

The BigTaurus utility token includes the following metrics:




– TECHNOLOGY: Binance Smart Chain

– MAX SUPPLY: 27 billion

– TOTAL SUPPLY: 27 billion

– CIRCULATING SUPPLY: 30% from TOTAL SUPPLY = 8,1 billion

2.5. Smart contract & BigTaurus backend

The BigTaurus Smart Contract and backend system manages the flow of the utility token and balancing of the basket.

Diagram 2.5.1. Sequence diagram of smart contract

Let’s see below how Smart Contract & backend (here and after SC & BE) interact in the various stages:

1) Token purchase

  • The investor makes the payment by purchasing token
  • Inverter`s balance is shown at his account.

2) Token sale 

  • Investor request to sell tokens, entering card information/ wallet address 
  • The SC approves the operation if conditions are positive
  • The BE provides the transfer
  • Information about transfer is displayed on the platform, information updated

3) Token transfer

  • Investor asks to transfer tokens on other wallet
  • The BE transfers tokens to the address of the wallet mentioned by the investor.

4) Staking (when the investor proceeds with the staking of his tokens, BigTaurus can opt for a longer-term strategy by structuring an operation that allow for better performance; this difference in earnings will be recognized to investors in the form of additional tokens)

  • The BE receives the request to sell from the investor
  • The BE approves the request if the investor’s plan is completed. In other case BE rejects the operation and the investor receives warning that his plan is not over.
  • The SC will distribute the tokens in proportion to the investors who have the tokens in Staking
  • The BE receives the request to return token investment from the investor
  • The BE approves the request if the investor’s plan is completed. In other case BE rejects the operation and the investor receives warning that his plan is not over.
  • Investor receives tokens on his wallet account.


▪ There are 10,000 tokens on investors account with total value € 20,000  

▪ Investor put 5,000 tokens in the 3 month staking and 5,000 tokens in the 1 month staking

▪ 3 months plan has an interest of 5% per month

▪ 1 month plan has an interest 3% 

▪ Total revenue if investor request returning after expired plans: 

(€ 500*3 +  € 300) = € 1,800

2.6. Internal use of the token


Staking takes the form of a bound deposit of tokens at the upcoming BigTaurus smart contract remunerated by interest paid in the form of tokens. There are different staking plans that token holders can deposit. BigTaurus manages staking plans according to profit and market changes.

Staking Plans

PlanPercentDuration of contract
Starter1% Month1 month
Advanced3% Month3 months
Long Term runner5% Month12 months

Staking Plans are also configured as a form of escrow. These provide for the raising of capital in the form of cryptocurrency, remunerated through the payment of interests and sum of deposited tokens in the form of BigTaurus utility tokens.

“Starter” plan example:

– The investor put 10,000 tokens on staking for 1 month

– BigTaurus therefore has 10,000 tokens within 1 specific account (let’s call it ACCOUNT A)

– BigTaurus deals with the management of the capital to return 3% to the investor in 1 month (300 tokens)

– Investor request returning and during 3 days receives his tokens back on his wallet account: 10,000 + 300 = 10,300 tokens

– If investor request returning not at once the plan finished, but for instance after 3 months his present continue to add ad he receives: 10,000 + 300*3 = 10,900 tokens.

The investor can:

a) Keep the utility tokens with the intent of making a capital gain.

b) Keep the utility tokens with the same intent and also stake their utility token, i.e. to commit not to sell them, blocking them in the BigTaurus wallet and receiving an extra yield in addition to the capital gain generated by the finutility ancial token.

c) Request a refund of your tokens on the BigTaurus platform or sell them through exchange.

Diagram 2.6.1. Diagram of how user can get extra profit from staking


BigTaurus will have its own trading platform where users can make trades by themselves or copy BigTaurus traders strategies. To reduce the risk of loss and be helpful for beginner traders, BigTaurus platform proposes to copy their traders strategies, guarantee low risk and provide profit. Platform will duplicate traders’ strategy automatically in real time and direct proportion. User can stop coping at any time.

2.7. External use of the token


Tokens can be used as a token for purchasing BigTaurus Academy services. Like an option, users can select it for purchasing operations for courses.

Use Tokens to pay for Services and Goods

BigTaurus always expands partnership with different services. This makes BigTaurus Club token more usable for user. Our current partners are:

Also the same way some platforms can use tokens as returning funds to their clients. That’s how Aeon Flux pays with BigTaurus tokens to clients. And the possibility of token usage in this field grows.

2.8. Mathematical elements

The mathematical operations suitable for calculating the useful values ​​are:


  • V – Value of a BigTaurus Club token
  • NAV – Net value of the fund denominated in Dollars
  • SUPPLY – Total number of tokens issued

– r=I*p*t

  • r – revenue user get after staking plan is over
  • I – tokens user put in staking plan
  • p – percent given by staking plan
  • t – duration of staking plan, months

– T=I*3%n

  • T – token reward each token holder get after the commission split
  • I – tokens user purchased
  • n – amount of token holders

3. Business content

3.1. Stakeholders` profiles

StakeholderMain valueRelationMain interestsDependences
Company membersIncrease flow of investmentSupport during whole development processReceive revenue and investments that will cover project development expenses Stacking value depends from income of investments
UsersEasy and understandable way of investingSuspicious about project details, its securityIncrease income from investmentsNeeds to have an appropriate amount of savings for users rewards.
AdminNo value, should manage the platformPart of the company, so accept responsibilitiesClear UI/UX design to manage the platformNot defined

3.2. Team

BigTaurus team

CEO & FOUNDER – Davide Berello

For over 20 years Entrepreneur in Marketing, only 2 years in the world of Crypto with experience in Forex

CTO & FOUNDER – Serafino Vallorani

Entrepreneur in the Crypto world with over 20 years of experience in marketing with collaborations with the most important Marketers

IT & FOUNDER – Matteo Brunoro

Expert and entrepreneur in the IT world for over 20 years, he collaborates in the management of Bigtaurus and Aeon Flux projects

UAE DIRECTOR & FOUNDER – Denise Spinelli

Based in Dubai (UAE) manages and develops the network in the Emirates, Egypt and Morocco

EXPERT & FOUNDER – Filippo Pagani

Graduated in Economics and Commerce with a thesis on Crypto currencies


Expert in trading and Crypto currencies for over 3 years, manages the basket of Bigtaurus and Aeon Flux

COO George Burlakov

Business Analyst Yuliia Melnychuk

UI/UX designers Vladyslav Horshkov, Anastasia Skidanenko