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DO YOU WANT TO ENTER THE WORLD OF CRYPTOCURRENCIES WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF EXPERTS WHO KNOW THE KEYS OF THIS WORLD? Today, many people are constantly increasing their portfolios thanks to the World of Cryptocurrencies. Those who have decided to enter this world are faced with an ocean of possibilities to put a good nest egg in their pockets. Does it sound like science fiction? We know it… but it is only a matter of choosing the right door to enter this world.
There are two ways to access:
1. Do it yourself ... investing time and money, to learn what to do and how to move, with the risk of making mistakes and losing
2. Or with the assistance of experts in the field, who simplify your way, following you step by step with all the information you need to avoid falling into the most insidious traps.

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From beginner to expert in a few months
The BGT POINTS was born by listening to the needs of our customers and the people who have approached our project in recent months. The BGT POINTS SERVICES are for those who:
- does not know how to open an account and operate with cryptocurrencies
- wants to rely on someone who knows
- wants to learn to work independently.
But not only.
There are tons of different strategies, and not all of them suit everyone; In the BGT Points and Our Academy you will find people who will help you starting with the basic steps to help you grow in this new world.

And that's all you'll find in the BGT POINT.

You will have free access for one month to a reserved channel where you can receive step-by-step assistance, to enter, operate and make your cryptocurrencies work. You will learn: how to open an account and a wallet how to pay your money how to start investing/operate how to follow the signals that our traders will give you directly on the group how to do trading operations

What you need first of all.

1) A working email account, with which you can receive registration emails and communications.

2) A computer (desktop or notebook) with latest generation and updated software, which complies with the security policies necessary to be able to access the internet with your sensitive data.

A browser to be used specifically for this type of service, so that there are no third-party apps, extensions, or software that can interfere with the use or even with IT security.

Then choose which type of Assistance you want to start with (1 hour if you are quite familiar with the internet) or 3 hours (if you are impractical)

BGT Club offices

Find Points near you, contact them for an online or office appointment

BGT POINTS services

*Before purchasing the service, we recommend that you contact the BGT Point to ask for information
  • Support basic pack 3Hours

    CLUB 240.000
    • BUSD: BUSD 120
    • EUR: € 108,48

    3 hours of Assistance for the configuration of Wallet Metamask, Trust wallet, Binance and / or configuration of your e-commerce with BGT

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    Store:  Big Taurus
    5 out of 5
  • Support starter pack 1Hour

    CLUB 100.000
    • BUSD: BUSD 50
    • EUR: € 45,20

    1 hour of Assistance for the configuration of Wallet Metamask, Trust wallet, Binance and / or configuration of your e-commerce with BGT

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    Store:  Big Taurus
    5 out of 5

For those who still don't know us - Who we are

Big Taurus is a company that deals with training in the investment sector, as well as personally investing in the Forex, Indices and Crypto markets through partnership agreements with market leading banks.
We are two partners, Davide and Serafino, and we mainly deal with identifying Traders with proven experience and who have an excellent record of results, test them in the field to obtain high performances with an eye on risk, and then present them to the club members.
Big Taurus una provides a platform where you can view your trading accounts and related earnings, to have everything monitored. In this way, people have total autonomy over their money, they can copy the trader that best meets their needs and follow their instructions.
With the Academy we wanted to enrich our project also for those who not only want to earn, but want to learn how to do it independently, counting on professional assistance step by step.
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